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Principles of Agreement for Planning, Organizing, and Conducting a Regional Meeting

PRINCIPLES OF AGREEMENT for Planning, Organizing, and Conducting a Regional Meeting

This document describes the Roles, Authorities, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities of the Local Section(s), the Local Organizing Committee, the Region(s) Board of Directors, and the American Chemical Society Department of Meetings and Expositions Services for planning, organizing, and conducting a regional meeting.

  1. Definitions

    1. Governance/Staff Units

      1. A Local Section is the local section(s) that has (have) agreed to host the regional meeting in accordance with a bid package approved by the Region Board(s).

      2. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is the committee whose members are approved by the Host local section(s) to organize the regional meeting.

      3. The Region Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the Region Board) is the entity responsible for ensuring the continuance, professionalism, and effectiveness of scientific meetings hosted by Local Sections located within its region. The Region Board has direct oversight of the regional meeting. A regional meeting may be organized under the authority of more than one Region Board.

      4. The American Chemical Society Department of Meetings and Expositions Services (DMES) is the office funded through the national ACS organization to provide staff services for professional execution of regional meetings and to coordinate training sessions for members charged to organize a regional meeting.

    2. Terms

  1. Roles describe the proper and customary function(s) of each governance/staff unit in relation to the others for organizing a regional meeting

  2. Authorities describe the power vested in each governance/staff unit to make policy and financial decisions and to provide advice regarding a regional meeting. These authorities may not be superseded by any of the other parties without the prior consent of the governance/staff unit in question.

  3. Responsibilities describe the obligations of the governance/staff units in relation to each other for organizing a regional meeting.

  4. Accountabilities describe the organizational relationships of the governance/staff units to each other and establish the necessary reporting requirements among the units by these relationships.

  1. Local Section(s)

In the event of a co-hosted meeting it is important that all items be discussed and settled in advance. Both/All host local sections are responsible for all points outlined in this document, specifically note this entire section (2), Section 6.2, Section 6.2., and the signatures required. The level of involvement of each local section (financial, labor and in-kind) and the distribution of profits/losses must be settled before the document is signed.

  1. Roles

    1. The local section(s) (hereafter referred to only as local section) approves the proposal submitted by local section representatives to the Region Board to host a regional meeting. The local section ensures that the required oral presentation to the Region Boards shall provide the best information in a professional manner.

    2. The local section shall provide the necessary funding resources, within the financial means of the local section, to assemble a LOC and to provide the LOC with the funding needed to complete a bid package to host a regional meeting.

    3. The local section serves as the overall owner of the regional meeting with the LOC serving as a committee or sub-committee of the local section.

  2. Authorities

    1. The local section can authorize the LOC to act legally for the local section on all contractual and financial matters related to organization and execution of the regional meeting. Such an authorization will specify who may sign the binding contracts needed for the meeting.

    2. The local section ultimately shares legal responsibility with the Region Boards for the activities of the LOC.

  3. Responsibilities

    1. The local section must approve the composition, particularly the General Chair and Program Chair, of any LOC submitting a bid to host a regional meeting on behalf of the local section.

    2. The local section maintains responsibility for the success of the regional meeting since it is run as an activity of the local section.

    3. The local section maintains economic responsibility for the regional meeting through the use of any local section tax-exempt number for regional meeting activities.

    4. The local section requires regular progress and final reports (planning and financial) from the LOC.

    5. The local section is represented at the LOC meetings through the attendance of the Chair, Chair-Elect and/or Immediate Past Chair or a designate.

  4. Accountabilities

    1. The local section is accountable to the members within the local section territory and to the Region Board for the success (programming and financial) of the regional meeting.

    2. In the event that a member(s) of the LOC is/are deemed unable or unwilling to fulfill the responsibilities of the assumed role(s) on the LOC, the local section will work with the Region Boards, with input from DMES, to ensure the success of the regional meeting. Should the necessity arise, particularly at the behest of the Region Boards, the local section shall help find a new recruit(s) for membership on the LOC.

  1. Local Organizing Committee

    1. Roles

      1. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is the primary body that plans, organizes, and conducts the regional meeting that is being hosted by its(their) local section(s).

    2. Authorities

      1. The LOC is expected to be given total authority from the host local section(s) to sign contracts, plan programming, and organize social events (see 2.2, 2.4.1).

      2. The LOC is authorized to apply for loans and grants, establish financial accounts, and operate in a manner to insure the financial success of the regional meeting.

    3. Responsibilities

      1. The LOC has direct responsibility for the planning of the meeting, the technical and non-technical programming, social events, workshops, negotiations with hotels and colleges (assisted by DMES) for meeting and sleeping space; in general, every aspect of the regional meeting.

      2. The LOC must regularly report to the host local section as well as submit required reports to the Region Boards.

    4. Accountabilities

      1. The LOC is accountable to the members of the host local section(s) through periodic activity and financial reports.

      2. The LOC is also accountable to the Region Boards through regular information exchange with the Boards and its executives.

      3. The LOC is expected to coordinate its plans with and call upon the expertise of the DMES. No contracts with hotels, convention centers, etc. should be signed without the input of DMES and concurrence by the Region Boards.

      4. The LOC is expected to submit full and complete final reports from its regional meeting to the Local Section, the Region Boards, and DMES. These reports must include an independent audit of the financial books from the Regional meeting. The Region Boards, in concert with DMES, determines the format and information content required for all reports.

  2. Region Board of Directors (Region Board)

    1. Roles

      1. Each Region Board serves as the institutional memory for its Region; it is the repository of information, activities, practices, and accounts from previous regional meetings that can be accessed by the LOC to enhance the quality and effectiveness of its programming.

      2. Each Region Board is also the conveyer of information regarding successful events and activities from other Regions and their regional meetings.

    2. Authorities

      1. Each Region Board may accept or deny the bids presented by a local section to host a regional meeting.

      2. Each Region Board may accept or deny the request of LOCs to obtain loans or grants for activities related to hosting a regional meeting (currently, funds are not available for other types of regional activities).

      3. Each Region Board retains the right to intervene in any decision by a LOC that may, as judged by either Board, expose that Region to adverse financial risk or risk the professional reputation of that Region.

    3. Responsibilities

      1. Each Region Board is responsible for the long-term planning of regional meetings.

      2. Each Region Board provides historical perspective and data to the LOC for planning purposes.

      3. Each Region Board helps to maintain the quality and viability of its regional meeting by informing the LOC of best practices to ensure success.

    4. Accountabilities

      1. Each Region Board is accountable to the member local sections of the region.

      2. Each Region Board is accountable to the ACS Meetings and Exposition Committee (M&E) and reports through the Regional Meeting Subcommittee of M&E.

      3. Each Region Board must maintain good standing as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporate organization and file the necessary reports and pay the fees to maintain such standing.

  1. American Chemical Society Department of Meetings and Expositions Services (DMES)

    1. Roles

      1. DMES provides meeting planning expertise for the LOC that includes consultation on site selection and contract negotiation; registration and abstract management; oversight of logistics; advice on the budget, exposition, special events, and publicity; and on-site operations management.

      2. DMES serves as a conduit to governance through the Regional Meeting Subcommittee. This may include direct communications with the Region Boards.

      3. DMES serves as a facilitator between the LOC of a regional meeting and other ACS staff offices, including the ACS Department of Technical Division Advancement, which may have responsibilities at the meetings.

    2. Authorities

      1. DMES may offer advice regarding meeting arrangements and programming to LOCs, the Region Boards, and the Regional Meeting Subcommittee.

      2. DMES is obligated to communicate to the Region Boards and to the Regional Meeting Subcommittee any information about the progress, or lack thereof, that it perceives regarding any particular regional meeting.

    3. Responsibilities

      1. DMES follows the progress of a meeting by timely communication with the LOC and advises the Region Boards and the Regional Meeting Subcommittee regarding the progress of arrangements, adherence to timelines, and submission of scheduled reports.

      2. DMES arranges and negotiates advance and on-site registration and abstract management with input from meeting organizers regarding their organizational needs.

      3. DMES collects data related to registration, finances, abstracts, etc. and regularly makes it available to the LOC and its Region Boards.

      4. DMES provides financial data to the LOC within three (3) months of the end of a meeting unless other arrangements are made with the LOC.

      5. DMES staff attends annual meetings of the Region Boards (held during the Regional meeting) to provide updates on DMES activities and solicits feedback on current practices.

      6. DMES staff plans and conducts a yearly conference for the General Chair(s) and Program Chair(s) of future Regional meetings.

    4. Accountabilities

      1. DMES is accountable to the Director of the Membership Division of the American Chemical Society through the Director of the Science and Professional Advancement Group.

      2. By virtue of its mission, DMES is also accountable to the LOC of the regional meeting and to the Region Boards and Regional Meeting Subcommittee of Meetings and Expositions (M&E).

  2. Specific agreements Involving the host local section(s), the loc, the Region Board, and DMES regarding the conduct of operation for the Regional meeting

    1. The local organizing committee

      1. The LOC will utilize the services and expertise of DMES for advice and help in the preparation of all contracts relating to lodging, meeting room facilities, and tour/social events officially designated as part of the regional meeting.

      2. The LOC, in conjunction with DMES, must initiate and establish contract negotiations for all lodging and meeting room facilities contracts no later than two (2) years before the scheduled regional meeting is to occur.

        1. Failure to expedite these contracts may result in selection of an alternate host local section by the Region Board, and the LOC may be required to disband immediately and return any grants and loans distributed by a Region Board.

      3. The LOC is not authorized to sign for major contract expenses above the value of ($10,000) without prior approval of all involved Region Boards.

      4. The LOC must disband no later than 9 months after the regional meeting.

    2. The Host local section

      1. The host local section is responsible for all expenses for non-official events that occur coincidental to the regional meeting official program. [These events cannot be paid for out of the LOC financial accounts.]

      2. The host local section is also responsible for its normal program expenses when such programs, typically run by the local section, are made part of a regional meeting program.

      3. In the event that any LOC is replaced (see above) all outstanding financial commitments incurred by that group become the financial responsibility of the host local section.

    3. DMES

      1. DMES will report to all involved Region Boards any issues or concerns that may cause undue financial loss, erode the quality and prestige of the event, or present a significant departure from the core programming and planning of a regional meeting.

    4. Disposition of Profits or Losses

      1. The assignment of all profits (or the assessment of all losses) from a regional meeting shall be negotiated by all involved Region Boards and the host local section before acceptance of the bid for the regional meeting.

  1. After repayment of all loans, etc., (50%) of the proceeds are due to the Region Board with the balance of (50%) of the proceeds accruing to the host local section.

  2. After repayment of all loans, etc., 100% of the loss will be covered by the Region Board

  3. No change in this percentage agreement can take place without input of all parties signing this MOU.

  1. The LOC must distribute any profits in the above manner (see no later than 6 months after the close of the regional meeting.

  1. Each Board retains the right to require repayment of any outstanding loans due the Board immediately after the regional meeting has occurred.

    1. Final Report

      1. The Final Report of the LOC is due to both Region Boards within (6) months of the conclusion of the regional meeting.

        1. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in an assessment of additional financial penalties and adjudication of the matter between both Boards and the host local section.

        2. The official report and budget template adopted by both Boards must be used for reporting purposes.


Year & Name of Regional meeting:

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Host local section Chair

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Host local section Secretary

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Regional meeting General Chair(s)

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Chair, Great Lakes Region Board of Directors

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Chair, Other ACS Region Board of Directors, (if joint meeting please designate)

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