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American Chemical Society (ACS) Regions are collections of Local Sections working together to sponsor technical meetings, present awards and recognitions, and organize activities of interest to benefit the local section membership. The Great Lakes Region (GLR) currently consists of 20 Local Sections: 

2017 Great Lakes Region Call for Action

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Current Great Lakes Region Board

 Position Name Local Section Email
 President, Director Lydia E. M. Hines Kalamazoo
 Immediate Past-President,  Director Barbara E.  Moriarty Chicago
 Treasurer, Director C. Marvin Lang Central  Wisconsin
 Secretary, Director Susan M. Shih  Chicago
 Webmaster, Director
 Kali A. Serrano
 East Central Illinois
 Social Media, Director Joseph E. Sabol Upper Peninsula
 DirectorGopeekrishnan Sreenilayam St. Joseph Valley
 Director  Deborah Breiter Rock River
 Director Richard Rogers Illinois-Iowa
 Director Helen Hoyt Illinois Heartland
 Director Graeme Wyllie Red River Valley
 Director James Lane Lake Superior
 Director James Hamilton Wisconsin
 Director Ressano Desouza-    Macchado La Crosse-  Winona
 Director Kristen Murphy Milwaukee
 Director Larry Rosenhein Wabash Valley
 Director James Wollack  Minnesota
 Director Martin Rudd Northeast  Wisconsin
 Director Jason Keleher Joliet
 Director George Bodner Purdue
 Director Harry Elston Decatur-Springfield

ACS Network

We use a closed ACS Network Group for communication among the GLR board. Current and past directors may have access to this group, contact the GLRB webmaster with any questions.

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